Stainless Flounder Gig Head – For Walking Gig


Stainless steel flounder gig head.  Threaded for our walking gig handle.  Razor sharp and won’t rust.

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Stainless steel flounder gig head.  Threaded for our walking gig handle.  Tired of rust on your old-fashioned gig heads and the maintenance of sharpening and painting?  This is a stainless steel flounder gig head - it won't rust.  Thin gauge and small barbs slide right into the flounder and do minimum damage to the meat - you'll get your full fillet.  It's detachable from the handle (sold separately) so now you can store and travel with your gigs safely - no more "death spears" pointing at the back of your head on that bumpy drive out to your favorite gigging spot.  This gig and barbs are sharp as heck so handle them carefully!

Not recommended for boat gigging, this gig is for walkers only.

Note: This is a lightweight gig head made for stabbing flounder with minimum damage to the flesh.  While it is made of durable stainless steel, it will break if it is abused - you can break anything of you bang anything against a rock enough times!   Because the gig slides so easily into the fish, it is not necessary to stab as hard or aggressively as you do with chunkier gigs.  Some common sense and finesse with this gig head and you will enjoy a lifetime of use.  This is my #1 favorite walking gig head, and I've been using the same one for over 2 years and so many stabs.



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